Here is a list of world’s richest soccer players !

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 Last march, a team of industrial specialist came up with the list of world’s wealthiest soccer players and named it the ‘’Goal Rich List.’’

If the salary of the players plays an important role, advertising revenues definitely make the difference in the bank accounts as well. The list has seemingly evolved, since David Beckham is no longer considered as a soccer player. Here are the chosen few!

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo – $148 million

The Portuguese is the richest soccer player in the world. We understand why he is selfish on the soccer field, if that is what allows him to earn this much money! Cricri, who’s the richest of them all???

  1. Lionel Messi - $175 million

The Argentine genius even competes with CR7 when it comes to money. In fact, these two are inseparable. Makes us wonder if the little man is richer than his sporting successes...

  1. Neymar - $118 million

Oh man! But he’s only a child. We are sure that he must have hit a signing bonus (obviously hidden by Barca) when finalizing his first deal in Europe ... Who is 23 and is already filthy rich???

  1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic - $92 million

What must have been his reaction when he learned that he could not have the little trophy for the best player in the league 1 in 2014/2015 decorating his fireplace? Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a competitor, never satisfied with titles. The Swedish really should look at his bank account to relax a little bit from time to time…

  1. Wayne Rooney - $90 million

When you take a look at the house he lives in, you can easily guess that Wayne Rooney is rolling in money. Should be an excuse to his wife for all his extramarital activities!

  1. Kaká - € 96 million

How can you blame a player that chooses to join the United States rather than Qatar or the UAE? Between his lifestyle, the championships and numerous publicity contracts, Kaká has enough to celebrate about! Even if he plays in purple.

  1. Samuel Eto'o - $76 million

Has Sampdoria ever imagined that one day she would have such a rich soccer player in his workforce? Probably not. Samuel Eto'o is the richest African soccer player in the world, sadly for Didier Drogba. Kind of normal when he has won 3 Champions League...

  1. Raúl - $74 million

Unlike Kaká, Raúl chose to go with Qatar before heading to the States. Apparently the project of Al Saad was worth it...

  1. Ronaldinho - $72 million

With so many soccer facilities and especially so much money, we understand why the great Ronaldinho never stops partying ... Who has 13 women all for himself???

  1. Frank Lampard - $70 million

Last one of this top 10 (hopefully he’s not too sad for his rank), Frank Lampard, despite his old age, could still pick up a few places by next year. By signing with the US obviously ... Frank, where are you going to get rich???




Following Schweinsteiger, Ferdinand, Buffon, Gerrard, Y.Touré, Ribéry, Totti, Piqué, Agüero et Terry.

Makes you want to be a soccer player, doesn't it ?

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