10 most hated soccer players

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"Butchers" cheaters, whiners, or arrogant and deeply annoying, some soccer players have this natural talent of making themselves despised by soccer fans. Here are the top 10 soccer players we love to hate!

  1. Mark Van Bommel

Troublemaker, faker and whiner, Mark Van Bommel is the perfect example of the player who makes us go crazy on the field. At the edge of a red card in every game, the Dutchman managed to irritate more than one opponent, even Nigel De Jong! Van Bommel or the biggest… No, let’s keep it polite.

  1. Sergio Busquets

Spaniard Sergio Busquets is to Mark Van Bommel what Daniel LaRusso is to Master Miyagi. In other words, his apprentice. Just like the Dutchman, Busquets is a first class faker, as we could all se with his memorable simulation before Thiago Motta – who barely escaped this list - in a Barcelona-Inter Milan game. He is definitely hated by most soccer fans, except the Barcelona ones...

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Loved by some, hated by others, Cristiano Ronaldo rarely leaves anyone indifferent. Handsome, rich, arrogant, and an incredibly good soccer player, the Portuguese gained the hearts of many fans, but also earned an impressive number of haters.



  1. Nicolas Anelka

Even though he doesn’t have the reputation of a whiner, it is clear that his attitude has the gift of annoying many soccer fans. Arrogant and intellectually challenged, Anelka has the merit of making (almost) everybody agree in France.




  1. Joey Barton

If some players like Balotelli have good popularity ratings because of their goofiness, it certainly is not the case for everybody. Known for his non-sportive stupidities, Joey Barton does not have a lot of fans. That’s because not only is he mentally disturbed, but he also happens to be quite bad on the field...



  1. Pepe

Indeed, Pepe has calmed down in 2014-2015. Well to be frank, it could not get any worse anyway! Violent, the Portuguese sometimes displays a very aggressive attitude that even annoys Real Madrid Socials. During Mourinho’s time, Pepe had completely set aside for soccer to get in the UFC...




  1. Mathieu Valbuena

Unlike the Portuguese, Mathieu Valbuena has no butcher knife in hand but certainly gets plenty of electric shocks buy the way he waddles every time an opponent touches him. Unquestionably, the former Marseille player knows how to handle the ball. But his annoying simulations have the gift to annoy the majority of soccer fans.

  1. Fabrice Fiorèse

In addition of being irritating and being a renowned simulator, Fabrice Fiorèse is considered as the greatest traitor in the history of PSG. Hated by many Parisian fans, he is also despised by Marseille fans that never supported the idea of ??having this player in their team anyway.


  1. Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez must have an incredible amount of ‘’haters’’ internationally. In England, Netherlands, Italy, and Spain and in various parts of South America, fans have good arguments to want to get rid of the Uruguayan. Bites, simulations, potential racial slurs ... Suarez completely mutates on a football field. Diego Costa apparently wants to take his example...


  1. Samir Nasri

If his approval rating is not catastrophic in England, it definitely is not the same in France. After several events that were not good for his image, the Manchester City player said farewell to any hope of returning to a French team under the direction of Didier Deschamps. And this is not something the French will be complaining about. We must remind that Patrice Evra was not much liked either. But hey, when you will be playing a fifth final of the Champions League in your career, why should you care?


And you, which soccer player do you hate the most ?

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