10 soccer players that look like animals...

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 Five days before the beginning of Euro 2016, some players who will participate in the event can brag about (or not) having animal lookalikes. Here are the most obvious !

1. Gareth Bale, agile as a chimpanzee

From London to Madrid, Gareth Bale has continued to develop his physical strenghth. As a result he is starting to look like a chimpanzee. The comparison is mean but true ... The evil spirits say he might be in Planet of the Apes 3 to play the role of Caesar. That's not nice !

@http://footy10.com @http://footy10.com

2. David De Gea is actually a lama

 Manchester United's excellent goal scorer, David De Gea, should never go to Bordeaux. The Spanish doorman looks exactly like a llama, which might make the Bordeaux people kidnap him just like they did with Serge the Lama...

@http://footy10.com @http://footy10.com

3. Pepe, THE MAD DOG

Ok, he really calmed down and even became cleaner in his interventions. Now, Pepe is the guy that simulates at the slightest touch. We almost miss the warrior he used to be... Anyway, his little crazy dog face is still here at least... 

score.fr @talksport.fr

4. Luka Modric, THE FANCIEST DOG 

Luka Modric with his really elegant playing style, makes us think that he would be a upper class kind of dog (if ever he was transformed into a dog). Yup. 

@talksport @talksport

5. Zlatan the tapir, can you guess why ?

Sometimes we associate him with a roaring tiger. But physically Zlatan Ibrahimovic is easily comparable to a tapir. At least, his long nose allows him to smell shots near the surface. Not bad.

@parczoologiquedeparis.fr @s1.zetaboards.com @parczoologiquedeparis.fr @s1.zetaboards.com

6. Ivan Rakitic's FOX FACE

Ivan Rakitic REALLY looks a fox. Barca's midfielder even has similar features. One of the characteristics of the fox is his ability to be slick which allows him today to be one of the best midfielders in the world.

@sports.fr @renard.roux.alsace.perso.sfr.fr @sports.fr @renard.roux.alsace.perso.sfr.fr

7. Wayne Rooney : Red Devil but GREEN ogre

On the lawns of the Premier League, Wayne Rooney is never stingy when it comes to making more effort. The Manchester United player is always starving, he is definitely an ogre! He even looks like one of the most famous green ogre: Rooney is the copy-paste of Shrek. And that's not a compliment...

@directmatin.fr @directmatin.fr

8. Mesut Özil, Just like Nemo in the ocean

Dazzling with Arsenal this season, Mesut Özil finally feels like a fish in the London sea. Or rather as Nemo in the sea. With his bulging eyes, the German midfielder is the Nemo of soccer #TeamDisney 

@directmatin.fr @directmatin.fr


Unlike his colleagues, Paul Pogba does not have any animal lookalike. The French player changes his haircut so much that he is running out of animals to put on his head. After the raccoon, Pogboom is now in rooster mode. Classy (or not)...

@l'epique @theguardian @lepique @theguardian

10. Peter Crouch and his praying mantis body

No, he won't be playing in the Euro, but we could not resist the temptation of including him in this top 10! Peter Crouch has one of the ugliest playing styles ever. The English striker is comparable to a praying mantis, whose legs are as thin as his...

@http://footy10.com @http://footy10.com

So, what's your favorite animal-lookalike?

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