FIFA 16: 10 tips to play like a God !

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Don't you wish you were the FIFA master in group of friends ? Here are 10 tips that can help you accomplish your ultimate goal. Here is a list of how you can become The FIFA God !

  1. Take the time to build

There was a time when soccer players like Sergio Busquets, Xabi Alonso or Thiago Motta could not find their place in this video game. But in FIFA 16, these great soccer players can finally be useful. FIFA 16 is built in a very innovative way. Bye bye to all the breakthroughs that drove us crazy and hello to a smart game. FIFA 16 is for Barca, Bayern and PSG!


  1. Use the supported passes to break the lines

In order to improve the construction of the game, EA Sports has set up a combination that allows us to make well supported passes. With a player who has great techniques, a good supported pass (X + R1 on PS4) is definitely useful!


  1. The recovery of the ball, a major challenge during games

In a game where construction has (finally) taken over, the recovery of the ball becomes a major issue. One good tip is to press with a player and select another to try to get in the way of the opponent’s passes. Press and anticipate at the same time, this is the key to recovering the ball!


  1. Try moving aside and then rolling up your centers!

If you want to surprise the opponent, the game on the side and centers are nice options. Ground level, mid-height or normal centers, you absolutely must make the right decisions instantly. In this angle, the chance of rolling up a center becomes a lot easier. Strikers will enjoy trying to score a goal using their heads.


  1. Train tirelessly for stopped kicks

To succeed at stopped kicks is a lot of work! But some tricks will allow you to send two or three kicks in the corner. For example you can roll your ball up with the help of the left controller after putting the power of your strike, or take power by holding L1.


  1. A corner tip that will make your job easier

You've probably noticed it became complicated to score from yhe corner. The defenders are... well defensive and the goalkeepers tend to come out. One trick might make things easier. Before kicking a corner, pretend playing with another teammate before sending the ball near the penalty spot. You will have space available near the goalpost and that will allow one of your players to come and place a head goal.


  1. Choose your frame calculating the position of the goalkeeper

Whether it is in career mode or online, cleavers games always make your finishing hard. A good way to end things is by watching the goalie’s moves. When he is moving toward you and coming your way, the roll up will be appropriate. However if he stays on his line, the big hit right under the bar is then often required.


(Pic 1: Look at the goalkeeper, he's not moving at all) (Pic 2: However, I recommend using no more than two powers bars for this technique)

  1. Multiply the "one-twos"!

Penetrating a defense is not an easy thing to do in FIFA 16. In order to destabilize the defenders, multiply the "one-twos" which you can end with a lob pass (L1 + Triangle on PS4). Finally, pretend seeking "one-twos" so that the initial passer remains in motion and asks for the ball. You will then have the opportunity to use the triangle if a third player joins the party.


  1. Analyze as fast as you can the weak points of your opponent and vary your attacks

Like a boxing match, a FIFA game is also full of tricks. From the very first minutes, you should identify the profile of your opponent and his playing style. Look at his weak points and hit right where it hurts. Finally, avoid having a typical way of playing. Alternate, for example, different styles of passes (pressed, deeply, kicks, long, short, lobed).


  1. Find the shoe that fits

It is not always necessary to go for the "5 stars" teams to win games, especially when FIFA’s online mode allows a mixed balance. Feel free to pick the of 4 star teams to find your happiness, whether it is about the type of players you like, or the type of games you play (possession game, short passes, game counter attack, long balls, etc.). Adjust all with the strategies proposed by the game (possession, pressing, etc.), and voila. But be patient, finding the shoe that fits does not happen overnight!


These tips could help you progress. But honestly some people are helpless...


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