7 Reasons Cristiano Ronaldo Is The Best In The World

Jonathan Tzvi Machlin - jeudi 14 juillet 2016 1.4k Likes

What exactly is it about Ronaldo that makes him so darn great?

Accomplishments? Records? His stellar physique?

How about all of those and more?

Here are seven reasons Cristiano Ronaldo is truly the best in the world:

7. Most hat-tricks in La Liga history

No player has a greater penchant for beating an opposing team into the ground than Ronaldo, as he has scored a minimum of three goals in a La Liga game on 30 different occasions - more than any other player by a significant margin.

6. Only player to score in seven consecutive international tournaments

Euro 2004, World Cup 2006, Euro 2008, World Cup 2010, Euro 2012, World Cup 2014, Euro 2016 - there are records within records during Ronaldo's sensational time as a member of Portugal, and it all culminated in an upset win over France in Euro 2016.

5. Led Portugal to Euro 2016 glory

For Ronaldo to lead Portugal - nation of only 11 million people, around the same population as the State of George - to victory over one of the world's most formidable teams is easily one of the most impressive feats of his storied career.

4. Most goal scored in Real Madrid history

For a club with as much history and as many all-time greats to come through, Ronaldo is their all-time leader - a feat he accomplished in only seven years - passing Raul for the honor by nearly 300 games with a grand total of 364 goals in 348 games.

3. Most European Golden Shoe awards

With four Golden Shoe awards, Ronaldo's exploits in Europe are above almost anybody - even Lionel Messi, who trails with three of his own.

2. Most Champions League goals in history

Navigating a team into and through the UEFA Champions League - considered by most to be the highest level of club soccer in the entire world - is a daunting enough task as it is, but to consistently score and 

With an astounding 93 goals in the Champions League, Ronaldo is a full 10 goals ahead of second-place Lionel Messi in the all-time goal-scoring standings, let alone everyone else.

1. A superior athlete

Ronaldo's combination of size, speed, strength and jumping ability dwarfs that of some of the best athletes in any sport on earth. He has the leaping ability of an NBA star, the physique of a weightlifter and speed that can match some of the fastest players in the NFL.

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