A European leader is preparing a massive offer for Griezmann

OMG Staff - jeudi 19 mai 2016 1.5k Likes

On another planet with Atletico Madrid, the alien Antoine Griezmann might have a huge offer from a big European club.

The time where Manchester United shone a thousand lights in the Premier League and on the European stage is long gone. But the possible arrival of Jose Mourinho next season offers new perspectives to the British club, anxious to restore its reputation. To do so, the Red Devils count on attracting a top player and particularly Antoine Griezmann.

Sparkling under the jersey of the Rojiblancos, the left-handed with the golden hair could have an offer of nearly $119 millions according to The Sun. A huge check that matches the ambitions of United and Special One, who made Grizi their main target.

If it will not be easy to convince Atletico Madrid to release his jewel, under contract until 2020, Mourinho thinks he can persuade the former Real Sociedad player of choosing Manchester rather than PSG. The question is whether the seduction operation will be efficient enough to attract one of the rising stars of French and world soccer.

"Come on Grizi we have chips ..."

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