A Furious CR7 criticizes Iceland's players

Maxime H. - jeudi 16 juin 2016 1 Like

Portugal failed his opening match in the Euro last night because of Iceland defense. CR7 was very angry about this and attacked the strategy of the players of Iceland.

Portugal stumbled yesterday on a brave Icelandic team and his first game in the competition was a tie (1-1). A bad performance that naturally frustrated Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese captain was enraged by the end of the game, especially against Iceland's very defensive tactics.

"Iceland scored a goal after struggling for 90 minutes. They put a bus in front of the goal ! It's difficult when only one team is trying to play and win the game. It's a bit frustrating for us, but it's just the start of the competition. We are not worried (about the score). If you look at France, Spain, and the other strong teams in the competition, they have struggled to win their games. For us, it was hard but we are confident" explained CR7, before adding...

"We are 100% confident that we will win the next game (against Austria). In this game, we did our best, we created a lot of occasions to score and we had possession of the ball most of the time. Iceland didn't try anything, they were only defending, defending, defending and protecting the goal. They had two occasions and scored a goal. It's a lucky night for them" he said. But that's not all, Real Madrid's striker concluded his monologue in an angry tone.

"In my opinion, this is not smart. That's why they will not achieve anything (in this Euro). I even thought they had won the Euro when I saw them celebrating in the end, it was incredible." So cricri, you mad or nah ?

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