Achille Emana saved his teammate from a tragedy

OMG Staff - mardi 24 mai 2016 1.4k Likes

The soccer player Achille Emana turned into a hero after sparing the worst to one of his partners.

Between 2001 and 2008 he was a player at Toulouse and now he is quietly continuing his soccer career at Nàstic in Liga Adelante (Spanish 2nd division). Besides his great performances with the ball - remember, the scandalously refused scarf goal against Sammy Traoré's PSG  - the Cameroonese is also capable humanitarian actions.

In a air fight, his teammate Jean-Luc Gbayara Assoubre suffered from a big punch in the head. Furious, the young Ivorian attempted to get up to continue the fight but his attitude quickly alarmed Achille Emana.

The former Toulouse player then followed and allowed doctors to perform first aid. The intervention of Emana was undoubtedly decisive for the health of his teammate, who was suffering from head trauma that could have been worse if Emana had not intervened.

Respect Mr. Emana

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