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Cristiano Ronaldo is definitely a bad sport. He trash talked about Iceland's players during the first game of Portugal in this Euro. Besides all the he made in the press, the Portuguese refused to give his jersey to an opponent at the end of the game. Check out the video!

Bild magazine was not kind towards Cristiano Ronaldo at all, "the conceited man, the most arrogant in the world." The German media has managed to capture images of the famous scene where CR7 refused to give his jersey to the Icelander Aron Gunnarsson who was aking for it. See for yourself:


The Seleção star did not hesitate on denouncing the attitude of Icelanders in the press: "In my opinion, this is not smart. That's why they will not achieve anything (in this Euro)" he had said codly, despite Iceland's achievements.

These comments deeply annoyed some of his opponents such as Kari Arnasson, Iceland's midfielder, who will answer with: "These kind of comments are the reason why Messi will always be better than him, Messi would not have said that (...) he's just a poor loser He didn't to want to lose this game. But what was he expecting from us? to play just like Barca plays against him? In my opinion, Ronaldo is wasting time..." Ouch, that must have hurt !

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