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What if our favorite soccer players were actually superheroes? Marvel has transformed this dream into reality by creating the soccer version of Avengers led by CR7 and Zlatan.

Soccer players often make us wonder about their real identities because of their incredibly rare talents. Are they just soccer players or superheroes?

The subject matter expert, Marvel decided to take things into his own hands and make Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Paul Pogba, Gareth Bale and Wayne Rooney real superheroes.

In collaboration with ESPN, Marvel has recreated soccer stars in a universe directly inspired by Avengers. But which player really matches Iron Man or Hulk?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is Thor !

The Swede has a mind of steel and a total control of his body. He makes everyone agree with his punchlines and his genius flashes. The Thunder god, is Zlatan !

Paul Pogba is Spider-Man !

He catches everything that moves. With his large compass the French player takes and keeps the ball perfectly well while his enthusiasm is enough to score goals.

Wayne Rooney is Hulk !

Often compared to Shrek, Rooney finally kept his green color to become the great Hulk. With his extraordinary physical strenght, the English player undermines his opponents quite easily, whom are naturally green with envy after his passage.

Cristiano Ronaldo is Iron Man !

The wealthy and handsome and a bit arrogant player is the perfect representation of Tony Stark, aka Iron Man. Equipped with a formidable arsenal, this extremely important member of the soccer version of Avengers can send shots from anywhere and save the most critical situations.

 Gareth Bale is Quicksilver !

Speed is his strenght. Just like Quicksilver, the Welshman has made of his speed a lethal weapon to make a difference. Sadly, Marc Batra can bear witness of this...

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