Cristiano Ronaldo Hires A Bombshell To Assist Him

Eva Prokopová - vendredi 21 octobre 2016 130 Likes

Now that's what we call nepotism!

Cristiano Ronaldo is well known all over the world so it is no wonder he would need a PR Community Manager. now you might think this job would go to someone with a long list of experience. Well you would be wrong. He hired his agent's daughter Marisa Mendes, the daughter of Jorge Mendes. Of course there might be another element to it because allegedly these two super hotties were dating for awhile (though both deny the fact). Either way she has her work cut out for her. Why? Because Ronaldo has over 200 000 followers. Now that alone would be a difficult task to do.

But of course she is already an Instagram favorite so maybe it won't be so difficult. She will manage his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Now see the video below of Ronaldo's temper to see what she really will have to deal with

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