Incredible: The Irisih sing a lullaby to a baby in the streetcar!

Maxime H. - mardi 21 juin 2016 0 Like

The Irish amaze us once again. This time, the best fans of the Euro surprised everybody in Bordeaux.

Where will they stop? they have been the most extraordinary fans since the beginning of the competition. The Irish fans, whether fthey are from the North or the Republic of Ireland, have shown great ability to give us crazy emotions. 

They happened to be in a streetcar in Bordeaux where there was a baby as well and decided to cover the baby up with the flag of Ireland, before singing to him a lullaby. And when one of them, probably drunk, began to raise his voice, his countrymen quickly calmed him down with a strong "Huuush!" These guys are simply awesome. Respect !

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