Kevin Trapp will make you girls melt !

Maxime H. - jeudi 16 juin 2016 0 Like

Not selected by Joachim Loew for Euro 2016 cup, Kevin Trapp is enjoying life in Mauritius. However PSG's goalkeeper did not forget to continue training while enjoying his little get away. Wink wink to all you girl out there. ;)

Fans of the TV series Arrow always point out the resemblance between Oliver Queen and Kevin Trapp. On a holiday in Mauritius, the goalkeeper of Paris Saint-Germain took some time to remake the famous exercises of the Green Archer... with just as much flow.

Ladies, if you are (already) over the Euro, here is a little something that should comfort you: a video Kevin Trapp posted on his Instagram account. Hang on tight, the German does not play around !

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