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After Marseille, the Russian and English hooligans fight once again in Lille. Wales supporters were involved in the battle as well.

If you want to know how to give a bad image of soccer to the world ask the Russian and English "fans". These two countries' hooligans after fighting violently in Marseille last weekend, decided to repeat things again in Lille on tuesday and wednesday. They gathered around Lille's railroad station, in the center of Flanders' capital, and fought with chairs and tables in front of Lille's shocked population.

Just like it was the case in Marseille, Russian fans were masked or hooded. Some of them were from Moscow, Lokomotiv precisely. They proudly wore Orel Butchers t-shirts (a Lokomotiv affiliated group) where you could read very elegant phrases such as "Fuck Euro 2016". One of them told an AFP journalist right before the fight: "We will fight if the English if have the courage to face us, we will crush them. We hate them."

(It's already getting violent in Lille. The English being violent as usual. Guess who is here as well ? Russians are playing tomorrow.)

At 3 pm on wednesday, Russia will face Slovakia at the Pierre-Mauroy Stadium in Lille. Whereas tomorrow, the English will play against Wales in Lens. The two cities of Hauts-de-France are separated by only 35 kilometers, which facilitates the fights between hooligans. Apparently, some Wales fans were also involved in the altercations.

Remember that the Russian and English selections are threatened to be expelled from Euro 2016 by UEFA, the competition organizers. If new fights take place Wednesday and Thursday - especially in the stadiums - the sanctions against the two selections could be very (very) strict.

(In Lille, the English humiliate Romanian children by throwing coins and bottles at them)


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