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To be in shape, Russian hooligans follow a training similar to the one of the military. You can see this impressive training in video.

OhMyGoal's editors agree that hooligans' practices are completely opposed to sports' spirit but must admit however that Russian hooligans' training are quite impressive: both in the amount of physical effort and level of stupidity. Sébastien Louis, a specialist in the history of radical fans, explains that these fans are trained like soldiers.

(CASTING METHOD: this is how Russian radicals choose their recruits.)

According to him the fights in Marseille and Lille "were raids, we were dealing with an organization of a paramilitary commando unit: they locate a spot, appoint a target and move into action. They were familiar with the geography of the area and took perpendicular or parallel routes to avoid police checks."

(Orel Butchers: the violent russian group that is willing to destroy the #EURO2016.)

Russian hooligans organize indoors and outdoors fights during their training sessions. You can see the fanatics of Moscow's CSKA, Moscow Lokomotiv and even Moscow Dynamo fighting just for ''fun''.

Sébastien Louis also explained the motivation of the Russians: "They want to be in the top 3 of European hooliganism. The strategy is to show up during an international competition and confront the best in the field AKA the English. Even though the English haven't been the masters anymore for more than fifteen years, they still remain a reference in the imagination and mythology of Europe's radical fans."

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