Singer Adele pauses concert to watch France's team play

Maxime H. - jeudi 16 juin 2016 0 Like

During a concert last night for her tour in Paris, the singer Adele interrupted her show for a few moments to watch the Blue team play. 

As a big soccer fan the famous Adele could not afford missing the 2016 Euro's opening game. Therefore during her concert at Accord Hotel Arenas, the British singer allowed a screen projecting minutes of the France-Romania game.

A funny scene that was appreciated by the Parisian public even if the singer did not hesitate to mock the audience: "How many of you want France to win the Euro? I don't think you deserve it." Fortunately despite Adele's claims, Dimitri Payet offered the victory to the French in the last moments of the game (2-1).

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