Top 10 Soccer players’ most beautiful houses

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We often hear that soccer players have the best job in the world. Between passion and money, football allows them to live a good life. For the most talented ones, the bank account can quickly explode. Let’s see the evidence with these 10 absolutely stunning mansions owned by footballers.

Ps: the Premier League pays incredibly well!

  1. David Beckham is paid $50 million!!! (We’re talking about annual revenues…only)

There’s nothing stopping him from living next to Prince William and Kate Middleton! David Beckham has bought this expensive property close to the Kensington Palace. This includes a spa, pool, 7 bedrooms and a soundproof panic room... Reminder that David Beckham recently sold his famous mansion nicknamed "Beckingham Palace" that you can find in Une.





  1. Samuel Eto'o and the haunted house

Samuel Eto'o recently bought a property estimated at $28 million. The problem is that the house belonged to Lord Carnarvon, the backer of Howard Carter funds, the man who discovered the tomb of a pharaoh in 1923. The house may be hit by the curse of Tutankhamen...

  1. Didier Drogba is no longer the boss

Long time owner of the most expensive house of a soccer player, He has been beaten by David Beckham and Samuel Eto'o who took out the checkbook. Anyway, the castle which includes 7 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms would surely suit him for a very long time.


  1. Terry, terribly amazing!

9 bedrooms, a pool, a sauna, a cinema and even a soccer field ... John Terry went big! Now we understand how he managed to bang Bridge’s wife.





  1. Ozil, this is unreal!

Never tightfisted when it comes to distributing caviar to his colleagues, Mesut Ozil has an absolutely beautiful home. Well not really surprising when we have played for Real and in the Premier League…



  1. Rooney knows how to talk to women

Shortly after his arrival at Manchester United, Wayne Rooney offered himself this splendid building built in 1930. With an indoor pool and a movie theater, the Englishman knows how to have fun. Remember the story of Rooney that cheats on his wife and that is forgiven later on? Well, we do wonder why…

  1. Willian, like the prince

Unlike Margarita Louis-Dreyfus, Roman Abramovich is far from being a prince! After Drogba and Terry it is Willian entering this list thanks to his superb house with indoor pool. Enough to make us all dream.

  1. Luke Shaw, young and rich

When you’re a British, young and pretty good at soccer, you can easily have a salary rise! Luke Shaw probably knew this before signing for Manchester United. The English left side has offered himself this magnificent home which is none other than the old house of ... Cristiano Ronaldo!

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo is enjoying life

Speaking of Ronaldo, here is the casa of the Portuguese since he joined Madrid. We hope for him that his breakup with Irina has not made him feel disgusted with the house. If he wants, we volunteer to take it! The house, of course!!!


  1. Lionel Messi and his soccer ball...

Ok, the house is not necessarily aesthetic, but we had to present it to you! The Argentine genius has found a way to build soccer field shaped house. This boy never stops, does he?


So, which #PornHouse did you like the most ?

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