Maxime H. - jeudi 16 juin 2016 0 Like

If Marseille had a bad day yesterday, Paris had the time of its life. A few hours before Turkey-Croatia, the fans of both camps were partying together. 

However, the English and Russian fans ruined the party yesterday, because of their fights in the streets of Marseille and in the Velodrome Stadium. Don't worry, the Euro will still offer beautiful heartwarming images and nice animation just like we could see in front of the Parc des Princes for example.

Patiently waiting for the kickoffs (3 pm), the boiling Turkish fans started heated their voice and shared a beautiful moment with the Croats, who were also partying. These are the images that we love to see and that contradict the critics of soccer haters, who often link violence with soccer fans... Ladies & Gentlemen, let the party continue!

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