18 Things Haters Always Say About Soccer Girls

Maxime H. - vendredi 22 juillet 2016 293 Likes

Haters will say it's fake soccer thing...

Soccer girls’ biggest struggle of all: dealing with stupid boys who think they’re better than them… Soccer girls have to deal with a lot of prejudices because - apparently - «soccer is not a sport for women».

It is actually. Even if haters tell the contrary. 

1- Everyone knows that, girls don't like playing soccer

2- Girls don't know how to shot

3- They don't feel at ease with the ball

4- Girls are afraid of shocks...

5- And don't know how to tackle

6- They are bad at training

7- Girls don't have any technique skills

8- They don't like juggling

9- They are not agile

10- Girls are not able to possess the ball

11- Keepers are bad when they are girls

12- They don't have team spirit

13- There aren't good atmospheres in their games

14- Girls are afraid to get dirty...

15- And to get hurt

16- Actually girls don't have any class while playing

17- No one cares about their games

18- Soccer girls are not hot

Come on girls!
Bring home the gold medal!

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