10 Hillary Clinton Vs Donald Trump Soccer Memes That Broke The Internet

Eva Prokopová - mercredi 09 novembre 2016 425 Likes

President Trump is happening.

It has been a nasty and bloody election. The Trump campaign in particular spared no one (from women, Muslims to Mexicans). So it came as an incredible surprise that the next 45th president of the United States will be Donald Trump. After Brexit this is the next most shocking political thing that has happened recently. A lot of people fear what the Trump presidency will bring. One thing it has brought for sure was an abundance of soccer memes of all kind.

And as soccer fans we could not resist to show you how these memes broke the internet. No matter what will happen we will always have these

Bartra v Bale or Trump v Clinton?

Messi v Boateng or Trump v Clinton?

Lino v Higuain or Trumo v Clinton?

Trump or Ramos?

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