10 reasons why you should date a soccer girl

Maxime H. - samedi 09 juillet 2016 2.6k Likes

Look, no one is saying that soccer girls are better than non-soccer girls (though we're certainly implying it very loudly)...

But if you are the kind of person that has the option here are 10 good reasons to jump at the chance to go out with her:

10. Body odor? Not a problem.

Odds are she is used to the smell by now having been in the locker room after several hours sweating on the pitch, not to mention having to carry filthy gym bags around for hours on end.

9. Rarely frustrated about their appearance…

And that has been the bane of many a promising relationship

8. Tougher than the average girl

After years of getting kicked tackled on the pitch and sustaining knocks all the time, a broken nail won't result in a total meltdown.

7. Not nearly as clingy

Who has time to cling to you when they have hours of practice and training to attend to?

6. Bonding comes much easier

Tons of teamwork will do that for a person.

5. Won't need you to take them everywhere

By now she has been finding rides one way or another for years.

4. Even with bruises from playing…

Still very attractive!

3. Years of teamwork leads to far less complaining about her friends.

Athletes in any sport who spend as much time as she would with her team will be far less interested complaining about them all the time.

2. A fun night for her is a fun for you.

Rather than demand to go see Justin Bieber and go out to an expensive restaurant, a bottle of Gatorade and a Premier League fixture will work just fine.

1. Injury? You're there for her.

Say she injures herself and gets sidelined for a while. Who better to comfort her while she recovers than you?

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