10 Soccer Players with NBA Counterparts

Maxime H. - vendredi 08 juillet 2016 1.5k Likes

Soccer and basketball are two of the most watched sports in the world, and both are host to numerous big personalities.

From oft-injured stars who struggle to realize their potential, to the wealthiest and most high-profile players in the world, there are always comparisons to be drawn from one athlete to another - and soccer-to-basketball is no exception. Let's take a look at which soccer players most align with the NBA elite:

Anthony Martial = Kristaps Porzingis

Two young stars who shocked the world in controversial moves to clubs with massive, rabid fanbases - and proceeded to defy all expectations - and then some.

Luis Suarez = Draymond Green

For Barcelona and Golden State respectively, the two stars have been arguably more important to their teams than the men who get all of the hype (Stephen Curry, Lionel Messi). Both players also have a penchant for letting their emotions get the better of them and get into big trouble.

Manuel Neuer = Kawhi Leonard

Defensive stalwarts for two of the best teams in their sports, Neuer is the clean-sheet king of Germany while Leonard is the two-time reigning Defensive Player of the Year in the NBA.

Marco Reus = Carmelo Anthony

Two of the most prolific players in their respective positions who are eagerly awaiting their first big win at the team level, but both have been hampered by injuries over their careers. Both made high-profile moves to wealthier clubs and quickly emerged as the face of their respective teams.

Cristiano Ronaldo = LeBron James

The faces of their respective sports and most celebrated players of the modern age. Simply put, Ronaldo is the King of soccer as LeBron is the King of basketball.

Lionel Messi = Stephen Curry

The reigning MVPs of Soccer and Basketball, Messi and Curry both found ultimate glory in 2015 - as they both captured numerous titles and awards, only to fall back to earth in 2016 with losses in the Copa America and NBA Finals.

Pele = Michael Jordan

The greatest of all-time for their sports - Pele is the only 3-time World Cup winner, and Jordan is arguably the most iconic basketball player in world history, with the rings and records to back up the claim.

Jack Wilshere = Derrick Rose

Two superstars for historic clubs with all the talent in the world and significant accolades, but hampered over the past few years by serious injuries.

Gareth Bale = Kyrie Irving

A case can be made that Bale and Irving are the heir-apparents to their older, most prolific teammates Ronaldo and LeBron. Both proved invaluable to their respective teams in the Champions League and NBA Finals respectively.

Karim Benzema = Kevin Love

Another supporting player who has demonstrated exceptionally strong play in the past, but neither of whom showed up for their respective Championship tournaments (Champions League and NBA Finals) and may have been seen as replaceable if not for the team's eventual victories.

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