10 things you did not know about Lionel Messi

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World's best player and superstar Lionel Messi hides some secrets. Check out these 10 things you didn’t know about La Pulga!

  1. Lionel Messi Richie

His parents never confirmed the information, but all the elements prove it. The name of Lionel Messi was chosen in tribute to Lionel Richie, the famous American singer, author of "Say you, say me" and "Hello". Come on Leo! Sing us a little something?


  1. Messi smartie on the field, dumbie outside?

Is Lionel Messi dumb in real life? He never manages to finish what he stars whatever it is. The Argentinean has never been able to finish, for example, the autobiography of Diego Armando Maradona and also had to stop watching "Prison Break" and "Lost" because he no longer understood the story ... A strange revelation since one of the greatest strengths of Leo Messi is his concentration on the pitch.


  1. Unsocial because of some kind of autism?

Extremely shy in his youth, Leo Messi was so often taken for a mute. At school, he asked his friends to ask questions for him. Soccer was a way to let go but the Argentinean is still very socially awkward. Roman Besa, a journalist with El Pais said: "One day Lionel entered the field with a plastic spoon in his mouth. He did not let go of it until the end of the session. It was a way to show that he was upset. Why? Nobody knows and nobody ever tried to find out. "

Even until today, Messi is incredibly unsociable, which could be due to some kind of autism (this hypothesis has never been confirmed, nor denied ...). This might be part of what made him ask Pep Guardiola to move out Zlatan Ibrahimovic, whose character is strongly disturbing for Messi.


  1. A hormone deficiency detected at 11 years old

In addition to his autism, Lionel Messi faced a growth problem. At 11 years old, he learns that he has a hormone deficiency and that the price of the treatment is enormous (1500 € per month); which was far too much money for his club back then, Newell's Old Boys. It was at that time that FC Barcelona appeared and convinced Messi to come test Catalonia, and offered to cover the fees of his treatment if he was successful in the trials. This hormones situation created controversy among critics of La Pulga who accused him of doping.


  1. Oranges to convince the leaders of Barça?

Leo Messi has also made many efforts to convince the leaders of Barcelona to offer him a chance. Legend says that oranges are at the origin of the love story between Barca and the Argentinean! Fabian Soldini, the player's agent at the time, said: "I went to see Lionel and I gave him a kilo of oranges and a few tennis balls. I told him: "You train to juggle that and in a week and I will record you." A week later, Leo mastered his subject. He juggled 113 times with an orange and 120 times with a tennis ball. I sent it all to Barcelona who told me to bring him in quickly". Quite a legend!


  1. The technical director of Barça offered him his first contract on a napkin

As if the oranges were not enough, La Pulga signed his first contract with Barcelona on a napkin...The tryouts with Barca convinced Carles Rexach, the technical director at the time, who made him quickly sign on a piece of paper. The truth is however less idyllic. The recruitment of Messi, so small and so young, was not unanimous in Barca which explains the contract.


  1. A special word for him in the dictionary!

You surely know the meaning of the verb "Zlataner", well Messi can also claim to have a word especially made for him in the Spanish dictionary! Here is the definition of "inmessionante": "Adjective that refers to Lionel Messi, with his perfect way of playing soccer, his excellency at it, used to designate the best soccer of all time." How impressive! It was the former Argentinean coach Alejandro Sabella, who encouraged by the Pepsi brand, campaigned to see that word appear in the dictionary.


  1. Messi owes everything to his grandmother

When Lionel Messi scores a goal, the Argentinean points towards the sky but is not to thank God. He actually is thanking his deceased grandmother Celia. If she , unfortunately, could not see the exploits of his little son, it was her who convinced Leo to become a professional soccer player.


  1. Messi is a huge sleeper!

Unable to finish what he starts in the life of every day, Lionel Messi knows how to do one thing until the end... sleeping. Barca's players have confirmed, the Argentinean is the biggest sleeper ever. What if that was the secret of his success? One thing is certain, if Messi was in service of Snow White, we know which dwarf he would have been!


  1. Messi and Barca accused of terrorism in Syria!

In 2012, The Point reveals a crazy information: Lionel Messi and Barca are accused of conspiracy in Syria by the Syrian TV channel Al Dunya! Led by La Pulga, the Argentinean would send coded messages to the insurgents through the way he played with the ball. The TV Channel even supports this by analyzing a sequence of play during a Real-Barca clasico. By the way he passes the ball during the game, the Catalans define "weapons delivery routes to the rebels," while "weapons delivery to the rebel arsenal of Dir al-Zur succeeded" when Messi scores. Well... ok then.


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