20 Things Only Soccer Girls Understand

Maxime H. - mercredi 10 août 2016 975 Likes

Soccer has a lot of different attributes that make the game beautiful, even if it sometimes hurts. We all love soccer despite the numerous times we have said « I hate this f****** sport! » Here are 20 things only soccer girls understand.

1. Your tan lines are the worst

2. You can barely go out with your friends because you always have soccer

3. Trying to find a pair of skinny jeans that fit is basically impossible

4. You can't help but find those little black beads of turf wherever you go

5. Pre-wrap can be your best friend

6. "Girls can't play soccer"

7. Wearing spandex underneath dresses is routine

8. You have those lovely turf burns all around your body

9. you have experienced Hard hit to the boob

10. You have your soccer ball tattoo

11. You have heard people saying they hate soccer because it’s boring

12. The day after prom soccer game

13. The unconditionally support from your parents

14. You will be a soccer mom

15. You have this smelly soccer bags because...

16. You don’t hesitate to sacrifice your body

17. Girls are tougher than boys

18. Away car rides are one of the best things in soccer

19. A fun night for him is a fun night for you

20. You know that all of the struggles are worth overcoming just to play with your team

One more? If they ask why you love soccer, show them this video

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