6 craziest situational turnarounds

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The confrontation of Paris Saint-Germain against Barcelona reminded us that FC Metz had achieved one of the greatest successes of French and even European soccer history. This gives a great opportunity to revisit some situation shifts that beautified the history of soccer.

  1. Milan-Liverpool, the best final in history

This Champions League final was a magical night. Beaten 3-0 by the great AC Milan at the break, Liverpool returns and creates history. Gerrard, Smicer and Xabi Alonso score and make the teams have a tie at the 60th minute. Too little too late for Milan who was unable to put himself together back, and finally Liverpool takes over with the penalties. It was written….

Liverpool players run to goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek to celebrate after AC Milan's Andriy Shevchenko misses his penalty.

  1. Manchester destroys Bayern

The 1999 final of the Champions League will also remain forever marked in the history of soccer. After an opening score of Bayern Munich against Manchester United at the 6th minute, the Germans fail repeatedly bring an end do the game. The English wait smartly for the 91st minute of play to equalize with the help of Sheringhan. Two minutes later another goal was scored and Ole Gunnar Solskjær kills Munich. One crazy end that will remain in the head of the Bavarians for many years.


  1. Olympique Marseille unleashed!

This is probably one of the finest successes achieved in the championship of France. In 1998, OM returns to the locker room with 4 goals scored by Montpellier. A complete situation shift: Marseille series of goals in the second half turns the tables around. Never seen before!


  1. Paris is Magic!

Undoubtedly, the biggest moment in the history of Paris Saint-Germain. Defeated 3-1 by Real Madrid in the first part of the game, the Parisians are in trouble, especially when the Spanish are so motivated. Antoine Kombouaré was the savior of that day when he scored a goal with his head qualifying PSG in the very last seconds (4-1.)


  1. This time, Paris is not so magical!

Opposed to La Coruna in Champions League, Paris was leading the game with 3-0 on Spanish soil. But the loosening of the players who were confident with the score was soon felt and led to the Uruguayan Pandiani scoring a hat-trick and finally taking over with 4-3. The Parisians never recovered from this and were eliminated from the group stage.


  1. Bordeaux crucifies Milan Baggio!

Beaten 2-0 by AC Milan in the first quarter-final of the UEFA Cup, Bordeaux had a lot to do to shift his situation. But in 1996, the Girondist had with them a certain Zinedine Zidane. The Italians are strangely absent in the second part of the game and will be punished for it. Christophe Dugarry was on fire and turned things over almost by himself with a splendid (3-0). Bordeaux will get to the final before losing against Bayern Munich. How epic!


Finals Champions League: successes or disasters of a French club, some comebacks have thrilled us or made us cry. One thing is clear; soccer is a sport where the diffusion is unmatched.

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