A player learns he has a tumor through an anti-doping test

OMG Staff - mardi 24 mai 2016 674 Likes

Things won't be easy for Eintracht Frankfurt's captain who recently learned that he had a cancerous tumor after a test.

It's hard to believe but it's true. Like many soccer players, Mamadou Sakho for example, Marco Russ tested positive for a doping test on April 30 due to an abnormally high rate of hormone growth .

The daily L'Equipe, revealed this information on Thursday and said that the anti-doping authorities alerted the club. Such rates could not correspond to any form of doping, but to even worst. After several analyzes, the information fell: Marco Russ is suffering from a cancerous tumor.

The brave captain decided he would still play the first game against Nuremberg on Thursday, before getting an operation the next Tuesday.

That is what we call "the love for the jersey.'' Courage to him.

Marco Russ's former teammate, Kevin Trapp wanted to support his friend in instagram:


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