English soccer star could replace Walter White in Breaking Bad?

Maxime H. - mardi 28 juin 2016 23 Likes

English selection's eternal glory Alan Shearer is now bald and looks strangely like... Walter White, the hero of the TV series Breaking Bad.

Monday night, when England had just lost against Iceland, a funny idea come to our mind at OhMyGoal's editorial board while we were still watching TV despite the end of the game. This idea was about Alan Shearer. Alan Shearer's bald head, actually. He was being interviewed by BeIN Sports about the pathetic elimination of the English selection.

All our editorial board saw Alan Shearer as much more than the star of St James' Park. He was now a great TV character: Walter White, Breaking Bad's hero. Originally played by actor Bryan Cranston, Heisenberg's role could (almost) be given to Alan Shearer with such resemblance. Seriously though.

(Seriously y'all Alan Shearer bald looks exactly like Breaking Bad's Walter White)

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