French team's old-fashioned hobby

Maxime H. - Tuesday 28 June 2016 35 Likes

Soccer myth just collapsed with the revelations of some French players.

Some hobbies are definitely more respectable than others and it's true that, usually, when you have a ''weird'' passion you don't necessarily shout it from the rooftops.

France's team players also have their little embarassing secrets apparently. During an interview with TF1, Steve Mandanda, Moussa Sissoko and Samuel Umtiti confessed to being fans of... CBS's soap opera The Young and Restless!
No judgements...

Steve Mandada: it's a good TV show to watch during nap time, you can watch it comfortably lying on your bed and sleep if you want to or watch if you're not tired...

Samuel Umtiti: My mom used to watch it with me so that's how I got into it...

Moussa Sissoko: My parents used to leave me at my grandparents house from time to time and they used to watch it so that's how I became addicted to it...

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