Guided tour of Cristiano Ronaldo’s incredible villa!

OMG Staff - jeudi 19 mai 2016 1.4k Likes

Cristiano Ronaldo does not usually share secrets about his private life, yet to celebrate Christmas CR7 offered us a tour of his casa !

We know that he is immensely rich, armed with the most beautiful women of the world and practices a dream job, but now it is time to discover his villa! To celebrate Christmas, Cristiano Ronaldo offered his fans a wonderful gift: a guided tour of his "little" home in Madrid.

This was a opportunity to contemplate the house of the top scorer in the history of Real Madrid: everything is incredible. The entrance door with his initials "CR" announces the colors of this amazing tour. From his favorite dog because he is "silent" (normal it’s a statue, Cristiano) to his place at the table, passing through his bedroom and the soccer field in his garden, the Portuguese opens up for us.

But as images are worth more than words, enjoy the video below:

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