Here's why Sergio Ramos missed his penalty kick

Maxime H. - Monday 27 June 2016 0 Like

Are you wondering why Sergio Ramos missed (again) his penalty kick last night at the Spain-Croatia game? We have the answer for you, and it's rather funny.

It's true, Sergio Ramos is pretty good at missing important penalty kicks. After missing his penalty shoot-out at the 2012 Champions League semifinals - the Moon will always remember - the great Sergio saw this time his penalty kick caught by a particularly inspired Subasic. But how did Croatia's goalkeeper really catch the ball?

It can all be explained by one word: grapevine. Luka Modric, the selection's boss, told his captain Darijo Srna that Sergio Ramos - his Real Madrid teammate - always shoots from the right. Darijo Srna, playing his captain role, warned his goalkeeper right before the penalty. Great teamwork that cost the victory to the Spanish team since Croatia was able to take the lead after this.

Here's how Danijel Subasic explained his side of the story: "Srna told me that Modric had said that Ramos often shoots his penalties from the right. So I just waited, went to the right and I caught the ball. So thank you to Luka Modric and captain Srna."

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