Late Johan Cruyff's incredible story about Brazil legeng

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Romario is considered as one of the best players of all time and he had had the chance to meet Johan Cruyff, another legend, who unfortunately left us on March 24. We have an amazing story about them, that is sure to leave you speechless.

On April 21st 2012, the Dutch gave an interview to L'Equipe Mag. On this occasion, he revealed an incredible story about his time with Barcelona bench and his relationship with Romario. Being one of the best most talented players in the team, the Brazilian dared to ask his coach, Johan Cruyff, an extravagant request :

"You will understand which kind of guy Romario was with just one stroy. Once, he came to ask me if he could be absent for two days because he wanted to go to Brazil, there must have been Rio's carnival going on at that time... I answered him: "If you score two goals tomorrow, I'll give you two days more than the rest of the team." The next day he scored his second goal at the 20th minute of play and he immediately gave me a sign saying that he wanted to go out. He told me, "Coach, my plane is in less than an hour! "I had no choice but to keep my promise."

The Dutchman, who had been rebuffed by Romario, (Barca's coach had asked him to stop going out and partying and the former auriverde had replied: "Who do you think you are, my father? No, so shut up."), was replaced...

For the nostalgic, here is a compilation of Johan Cruyff nicest actions:

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