Manchester United manager Mourinho restricts player's use of Pokemon Go

Maxime H. - lundi 25 juillet 2016 76 Likes

The Pokémon GO app is definitely the new thing and has been making disasters all over the world.

From the US to Australia via Europe, Pokémon GO keeps making buzz. The new Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has clearly heard of it and is clearly not a big fan. According to the Daily Star, the Portuguese coach has banned his players from hunting Pokémons 48 hours before a Red Devils' game!

"José likes to have a great relationship with his players and his staff and he thinks it's good for them to unwind and relax outside of training and meetings. The only thing he insists on with the players is the Pokémon Go game. He explained that 48 hours before a game, he wanted the players to leave it aside and focus on the tactics on which he and his staff have worked on previous days" said a source to the British media.

It's a shame, we would have loved seeing Wayne Rooney capture Snorlax in front of Old Trafford!

This is what happens when a Pokémon top player shows up in a park:

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