That day Ryan Giggs pinned Cristiano Ronaldo against a wall

Maxime H. - vendredi 05 août 2016 229 Likes

The relationship between Ryan Giggs and Cristiano Ronaldo can sometimes get tense...

It is the Norwegian Ole Gunnar Soskjaer, who used to play for Manchester United that told us this rather surprising story. The striker with 126 achievements with the Red Devils said to El Mundo Deportivo: "One morning, Cristiano Ronaldo came to breakfast with a Coca Cola drink. Giggs pinned him against the wall and told him ''don't ever do this again!"

A reminder that certainly helped a lot the Portuguese in his career even though we were not aware of it. With Alex Ferguson's orders and the supervision of top players, no doubt that Cristiano's time in Manchester United helped him build and shape the player he is today. Whether it is from a technical point of view, or nutritional...

Anyway, whether he drinks coke or not, Cristiano Ronaldo still managed to have a rather hot girlfriend :

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