The Incredible team of Copa America's missing players

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While soccer fans are complaining about the number of missing players for the 2016 Euro Cup, the situation is similar in the side of Copa America. When you look at the incredible team of  11 that the absents could make you can legitimately think that this team could have claimed victory in this competition.

Keylor Navas (Costa Rica)

He could have been the best goalkeeper of the tournament, but unfortunately he will not be! Keylor Navas is injured and will be absent from the competition. News that made the Costa Ricans quite sad.

Pablo Zabaleta (Argentina)

Argentina already has already a very limited defense. So if Pablo Zabaleta is injured and absent from the Copa America... Hey Leo, Gonzalo, Angel and Sergio, we want a score of 5-4 in every game!

Thiago Silva (The brazilian that was dethroned by Dunga)

Thiago Silva is today behind Gil (former Valenciennes) in the hierarchy of defenders. Dunga is not fair-play at all.

David Luiz (Brazil)

Not selected by Dunga, David Luiz at least gets to avoid witnessing Brazil losing to 7 goals against Argentina.

Marcelo (Brazil)

Umm ... No explanation ?

Lucas Biglia (Argentina)

Official midfield of the Albiceleste club, Lucas Biglia got injured days before the start of Copa America. A real tragredy for the selection of 36 forwards.

Freddy Guarin (Colombia)

He plays in Shanghai anyway. #AdiosAmigo


Jorge Valdivia (Chile)

Only true fans will recognize him! Unknown to the public, Jorge Valdivia shone repeatedly with Chile. Unfortunately for him and for the fans of the former number 10, the player who was exiled to Al-Wahda was not chosen by Jorge Sampaoli.

Douglas Costa (Brazil)

Selected by Dunga to dispute the Copa, Douglas Costa was injured and was forced to withdraw from the cup. When we see the 23 Brazilian offensive players, we sure regret his absence. We also cry for Brazil, Thiago.

Neymar (Brazil)

Copa America or the Rio Olympics? Neymar has made his choice! The Brazilian has sacrificed the competition in the States to shine in his home in Rio de Janeiro. We will miss him…


Paulo Dybala (Argentina)

Yes Ezequiel Lavezzi is evolving in China and has the full confidence of the Argentinean coach. Yes the former Parisian is before Paulo Dybala in the hierarchy ... Well, we can at least hang on to the thought of seeing the Turin attend the Olympic Games in Rio. That wouldn't be bad…

Here is what it would look like:


On the bench, we can also find top players such as Matias Fernandez (Chile), Rafinha, Fernando, Fernandinho, Luiz Gustavo, Kaka (Brazil), Carlos Tevez (Argentina), Jefferson Farfan (Peru), Jackson Martinez (Colombia) Jozy Altidore (USA), Giovanni dos Santos (Mexico) or Felipe Caicedo (Ecuador). Whereas Javier Pastore, Pocho Lavezzi (Argentina) and Luis Suarez (Uruguay) are quite unsure about the competition.

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