The most cowardly aggression of the year straight from the United States

OMG Staff - mercredi 18 mai 2016 2.2k Likes

In United Soccer League, a player of the Pittsburgh River hounds literally went crazy.

In the family of cowards, figures Romeo Parkes. During their soccer game opposing the River hounds and the team B of New York Red Bulls (1-3), the Pittsburgh player went on a power trip (no doubt due to too much RedBull). He actually believed he was in GTA and violently pushed Karl Ouimette.

Both players had initially expressed some disagreements pushing the referee to exclude them both. But while the New Yorker was returning quietly to the locker room, Romeo Parkes pushed him brutally from the back. That was enough to set off a fight between players from the two teams.

"I recognize that my action was wrong and inappropriate, he apologized after the game on Twitter. I am sincerely sorry, I regret my gesture. [...] I ask my fans, the league, my teammates and the New York Red Bulls to please accept my sincere apologies, " explained Romeo Parkes outside of the meeting.

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