The worst haircuts of soccer players

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Like Neymar, many soccer players tend to use the hairdresser in order to shine as bright as they can when the cameras are turned on them during match nights. But obviously, some players are getting scammed by their hairdresser. The cup of haircuts is attributed to...

  1. Giovanni Simeone and your father did not tell you anything?

He may be a soccer player, he may be rich and charismatic and he may be the son of Diego Simeone, Giovanni seems to have completely lost his mind when it comes to choosing a haircut. On his head we can see a reproduction of the Champs-Elysées avenue!

  1. Taribo west, green spaghetti on the menu!

He wanted to be stylish by matching his hair with his green Nigerian jersey but he completely failed. With green spaghetti on his head, Taribo West only achievement is to be ridiculous.

  1. Dominic Oduro loves pizza

After the Nigeria, it is the turn of the Ghanaian to make his big entry in this classification with a slice of pizza painted on his skull. Italian cuisine ... Mamma Mia!

  1. Ronaldo and with his dog shit on his head

When you are a player of this status, having this kind of haircut is way too outrageous. Especially when playing in a World Cup! Can’t believe he actually won with this shit on his head...

  1. Gervinho or open curtains?

In the jargon, this is what you call a ‘’forceur’’ otherwise known as doing too much. Gervinho loves his hair, and does not want to part with it whatever happens. But when a haircut looks like an open curtain shaving your head completely seems to be the best solution…

  1. Karim Benzema, was the hair clipper down?

Suffering from not marking many goals with his French team, Karim Benzema also seems to have had a problem with his clipper. The saddest part is that his period scarcity with his team was less humiliating than this haircut...

  1. Carlos Valderrama: David Luiz, Is That You?

We all had mistaken Carlos Valderrama with a lion when he was running on the field. Finally, his blond afro became his trademark and he is now considered as one of best players in the history of Colombia. Well done.

  1. Roberto Baggio, the miraculous player with the ridiculous ponytail

Fortunately for him, his talent has taken over his deeply ugly cut. Short on the sides, long behind, Italian lock of hair in the front ... Roberto Baggio is going crazy.

  1. Vagner Love, blue spaghettis on the menu this time!

Maybe he is a fan of Taribo West; therefore Vagner Love has found nothing better to do than to set up blue spaghetti on his head. Way too much...

  1. Antoine Griezmann doesn’t want to look like a goat, but a llama...

The striker of Atletico Madrid and the French team has a rather correct popularity rating. His good performances have always allowed him to avoid the label of "goat" but his cut definitely could not avoid him the label of ‘’llama.’’ Which is not necessarily better...?

Be careful Ménez, Cissé and Palacio, you barely escaped this list. So here’s a tip: shave everything, it is much better.

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