Top Tweets from France's 2-0 win over Germany

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With France coming off a 5-2 shellacking of Iceland and Germany only narrowly beating Italy on penalty kicks, a classic "unstoppable force vs immovable object" fight seemed predestined for the Euro 2016 Semi-Finals between the two sides, and it quickly turned into one.

Germany, the defensive stalwarts, were so good that they were even able to save themselves from any harm when Olivier Giroud got a clean breakaway with opponents a solid 10 paces behind him:

A handball from Bastian Schweinsteiger in added time opened the door for France to take the lead on a penalty kick - and Antoine Griezmann burst through that door by smashing the ball past Manuel Neuer to score his fifth goal of the tournament:

However, fans believed that referee bias had plagued the game and attacked the referee for making the somewhat questionable handball call:

For 25 minutes in the second half, neither team could make any headway against the other - until of course Antoine Griezmann found himself in scoring position once again. And thanks to a poor block from Manuel Neuer off a pass from Paul Pogba, Griezmann capitalized for his second of the day - one that nobody could dispute this time.

Interestingly, the goal for Griezmann put the Atletico Madrid super tied on Euro goals with France legend Thierry Henry and put him ahead of Zinedine Zidane.

Germany tried desperately to get back into the fight, but the World Cup champions could not recover and were eliminated after conceding their first non-penalty of the tournament.

Theirry Henry was among the first to express how delighted he was:

And the Premier League champions Leicester City - proud of their star midfielder N'Golo Kante, praised the French team too:

Of course, the criticism and memes of Germany quickly followed:

Lastly though, France made the curious decision to mimic Iceland's Viking chant after the big win, which confused fans:

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