When Van der Wiel struggles in tennis-ball against Nadal...

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Gregory Van der Wiel is leaving the French capital to go to new adventures after the end of his contract with Paris Saint-Germain. One thing is for sure, the fans in Paris will regret more the departure of his beloved wife Stephanie Rose-Bertram than the one of the (too) soft Dutch.

Particularly soft in the field, Greg was just as soft during a tennis-ball game organized by the luxury brand, Tommy Hilfiger. Playing against Rafa Nadal, who is quietly preparing Roland Garros titles, the right side had a hard time winning and even got bullied by the Spaniard!

If the final score is at Van der Wiel's advantage, 7-6 , the majority of the tricks were made by the tennis player. Jerome Alonzo, presenter of the event, had too come and give a hand to the Parisian so that we could get a trick out of Van der Wiel. Greg, who are you really?

For those who want to see the game fully, here's a link:



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