8 "Bad Boys" that became successful soccer players

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Some soccer players ruin their careers because of a really bad temper. Others, however, have managed to make a reputation out of it and become real stars. Here is a list of top "Bad Boys" who have more or less succeeded in soccer.

  1. George Best

"Maradona is good, Pele is better, George is the best."These words engraved on the coffin of George Best, who died in 2005, sums up perfectly the popularity of English and not only in Britain. Manchester United player with great talent, Best was also a heavy smoker and alcoholic. He also said before his death: "In 1969, I stopped with women and alcohol; it was the hardest of my life. I had a house next to the sea, but to reach the beach you had to pass by a bar…I never saw the sea." Undoubtedly the baddest bad boy


  1. Eric Cantona

The "King" has earned a great reputation! Throughout his career, Eric Cantona has multiplied the catastrophes: from the kick to a spectator, to the "scumbag" yelled at Henry Michel, the sticker made a show! Well built, provocative look, collar turned up, "Canto" is a master in the field. And obviously Manchester United likes it!


  1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Just like Eric Cantona, Zlatan Ibrahimovic knows how to be arrogant. Whether in Sweden, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain or France, the Scandinavian giant has the same strategy putting humiliation at the center of everything. A renowned, unmatched bad boy!


  1. Gennaro Gattuso

During war time, Gennaro Gattuso will probably be ready to go into battle, even with a water pistol. For him "a great football game is played on a winter night, in the rain, in the cold." From game to game, the Italian has developed his Spartan instinct, ready to give his life for his country and his team.

AC Milan's Gennaro Gattuso (R) argues with Tottenham Hotspur's first team coach Joe Jordan during the Champions League soccer match at the San Siro stadium in Milan February 15, 2011. REUTERS/Stefano Rellandini (ITALY - Tags: SPORT SOCCER)

  1. Joey Barton

Well known to our dear and loving Ligue 1, Joey Barton is a real Bad Boy. Red cards every time, irritating to his opponents, anger attacks against his teammates ... Something is not quite right up there. At Newcastle, the former Marseille squeezed a lighted cigar into the eye of Ousmane Dabo. Oh lord…


  1. Mario Balotelli

There’s no way Mario Balotelli could have escaped this list among the "Bad Boys" of soccer! Since the beginning of his career, the Italo-Ghanaian is more popular for his behavior than for his talents on the field. Fireworks lighted inside his house, arrows thrown at the youngsters of Manchester City, fights with his teammates ... Balotelli knows how to entertain us, that's for sure. A bad boy that has not yet managed to find balance between his character and skills.


  1. Antonio Cassano

Well apparently, the Italians have really bad temper! After Gattuso and Balotelli, Antonio Cassano comes to fill our list of Bad Boys. Constantly stopped by the police and always at the heart of huge controversies, the former Milan player could find a much better career if he had been less tempered. However his talent still allowed him to play at Real Madrid.


  1. Cyril Jeunechamp

Okay, he is not a super star, but still! Besides being a soccer player Cyril Jeunechamp has the ability of turning into a butcher when he is on the field! One day, tired of being criticized, the former Montpellier slapped a journalist. An average player but a Bad Boy anyway!


To reach this state, the players had to show incredible strength of character. If some have managed to reach the top of soccer, others were destroyed. Cyril could use a little advice about arrogance from Eric…

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