A big European club contacted Lassana Diarra!

Maxime H. - vendredi 01 juillet 2016 57 Likes

Lassana achieved great perfomances throughout the 2015/2016 season which makes him, unsurprisingly, very attractive to many European clubs. One of them has even contacted the player already.

Lassana Diarra is back in the game with very solid performances at Olympique Marseille this season. Unfortunately he is not playing in Euro 2016 but still remains one of the most followed players in Europe.

In fact, according to Foot Mercato, Manchester United has relaunched negociations with Marseille. Under contract for another three years at OM, the midfielder has not hidden his desire to leave the club. Club he used to consider as ideal club to revive his career. Anyway, the Red Devils have contacted the player again to tell him about their desire to recruit him.

Attracted to the idea of making his comeback in the Premier League he knew under Chelsea or Arsenal's jersey, Lass could also be reunited with an old acquaintance: José Mourinho. The idea of working with the Portuguese, he worked with in Chelsea and Real Madrid, is considerably attractive as a first-team player position remains clearly open in the Old Trafford.

The question is whether OM will allow the transfer of his valuable midfielder, as it is stipulated by a clause in his contract, or will the player claim a few millions. One thing seems to be pretty clear:Lass won't be staying much longer in the Phocaean city.

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