A big European club discusses with Pogba's circle !

Maxime H. - mercredi 22 juin 2016 81 Likes

While Pogba is currently playing in the Euro Cup with the Blues, his agent, Mino Raiola, is taking care of his future. Apparently he has launched some discussions with big european clubs.

Even if he has been criticized since the beginning of the Euro for his disappointing performance and mood swings, Paul Pogba showed that he still got what it takes in the game against Switzerland. He was the author a high-level first half and reminded everyone that despite his young age, 23 years, he is one of the best players on the planet.

Well naturally a top player attracts a lot of clubs. One of the largest buyers in the market, Real Madrid, showed some interest towards this young skilled soccer player. This interest is no longer a secret, as Pogba's agent confirmed to Marca. "We haved talked to two or three teams, one of them highly appealing to Paul for his personal project," he explained, before saying, "it's not a secret (that one of these teams is Real). Every year I meet with Real, but I also meet with United, Barcelona, City, Liverpool, Chelsea ... It's my job. These past two years, my relationship with Real has become more and more clear and professional. It didn't use to be such way. Now a serious and positive dialogue is going on."

A speech that shows us that the two sides are clearly getting closer! "We are discussing. Zidane's point of view is important. The club's point of view as well. We are in the first phases. This is not a negotiation.  We know what we want on both sides and we'll see if wether or not we reach an agreement." added Raiola.

Madrid isn't hiding his desire of recruiting the former United player. Pogboom could easily yield to the temptations of the European Champion title and mainly because one of the arguments is none other than: Zizou. "Paul admires Zidane, he always said it to me. This will play an important role in his decision. When he extended his contract, he had set some clear terms: If Paul finds a club he likes and that can make him better, Juve will have to negotiate reasonably."

When you know about the bank account of Florentino Pérez, it is clear that the "reasonable" may be enough for Juve. A transfer worth more than 100€ million will be no surprise in this case...

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