A Soccer legend criticizes Lionel Messi

Maxime H. - vendredi 05 août 2016 165 Likes

He has definitely left his marks on soccer history for ever and everybody considers him as the best soccer player that's ever existed but is that completely right? For one soccer legend, the answer is no.

The former AC Milan coach, Arrigo Sacchi, dared to criticize La Pulga, in an interview with the Argentine newspaper La Nacion. If he acknowledges that Lionel Messi is currently above all soccer players, sorry Cristiano Ronaldo fans, the Italian also believes that Barcelona's number 10 has a shitty personality. Which really differentiates him from his predecessor, Diego Armando Maradona.

"Messi? He is the best player in the world today but he doesn't have Diego's personality. Maradona could play everywhere. In Italy we do not play soccer in a "bonito" style; perhaps now he is better, but we play a very difficult soccer style [...] Diego made the difference in both Italy and Spain. Nothing could stop him" said the one who is considered as one of the greatest coach in history.

Arrigo Sacchi does not understand Messi's decision to quit international soccer either because he has a debt to pay: "He may no be sure now but I think he will change his mind because he is indebted towards soccer, he owes a debt to the fans and Argentina... For this reason he has to come back. We can not lose the best player in the world."

So, do you agree with him? Meanwhile, Leo is busy humiliating his teammate and friend Luis Suarez during their training sessions :

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