a really excited Zlatan drops a clue about his future

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At a press conference, Zlatan was playing his audience as usual, and might have dropped a clue about his future destination. The King Zlatan is no longer the king of Paris, but he definitely still is the king of press conferences. As part of the preparation for Euro 2016 with Sweden, he was answering the questions of the journalists in a very amusing style.

Ibrahimovic dropped a few clues concerning his future. "There are concrete offers from England, Italy ... all of the countries. There are many options" he declared, before displaying a wide and awkward smile when questioned about a possible offer from Manchester United. "We'll see what happens " he answered.


Tweet: Zlatan praises Mourinho and confirms that he has made his choice!

The famous smile of Zlatan in respond to the question of a offer of MU via @UnitedPeoplesTV more info in the article.

Anyway, the Swedish giant ensures that his "future is already written. I made my choice". His destination seems to be a little clearer. After his awkward smile, he made declared: "If you, clubs, want to win, you have to take someone like Jose Mourinho. "A clash towards Laurent Blanc and a praise for the future coach of United.

Zlatan under the tunic of the Red Devils? The dream seems to become reality. Unfortunately this will be a secret unknown to the public until the end of Euro 2016! Exactly as the Swedish wants it to be.

"I want to read what you write and have fun. For some of you, everything will be ready in 48 hours. According to others, there's 90% chances with so and so. Yet others talk about a 10% chance. It's funny."

Typical Zlatan.

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