After 5 amazing goals, Ronaldinho abandons Futsal League

Maxime H. - mercredi 20 juillet 2016 207 Likes

Ronaldinho's brilliant performance during his second game in Indian League Futsal made us all think he was back in business for good. However, he already has abandoned the competition to concentrate on other occupations...

Unpredictable! Both inside the field and outside. Ronaldinho has never stopped surprising us all. Right when we all thought that we had him back for good to delight us with beautiful gestures, the Brazilian decided to end his adventure in India. The reason being that he just received an offer to become an ambassador of the Paralympic Games in Rio.

If we can salute the great heart of Ronaldinho, we can also regret his unexpected abandonment of Goa, the Indian team who did everything to recruit him. During his second match, the genius Roni had literally crushed his opponents, scoring five splendid goals against Paul Scholes' Bengaluru.

Simply because we can't get enough of his talent:

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