Andres Iniesta relates an incredible story about Ronaldinho

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Ronaldinho's legendary stories...

On November 19th in 2005 at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, at 10:45 p.m.. Ronaldinho was welcomed by Madrid fans that admired and saw the genius of the Brazilian. And yet, "Ronnie" had just scored twice with the Catalan team. Barça wins by 3-0 in Real's home and can thank the former Parisian who had prepared for the game early. It's Andrés Iniesta that told us about this incredible story:

"A few days before the Clasico against Real Madrid, 'Dinho' called me at home at night. I answered and he told me.:

Andrés, I know it's 3am, but I have to confess something. In June I will be leaving Barça. My brother has an agreement with Real Madrid. It's an incredible amount that I can't refuse. You're young, you can understand... But please do not tell anyone in the locker room or the club, do not betray me, I trust you more than anyone. Andrés good night."

He didn't give me time to say anything. The next day, we were in training camp and I felt an awkward atmosphere around me. The whole team was silent and they were all greeting Ronaldinho like never...

When the day of the Clasico came, in the locker rooms of Santiago Bernabéu 'Dinho' told us:

''Guys, today is a very important game, they are strong, but these days I discovered that we were like a family. I called each of you during the night and I told you to that I was leaving in June, but none of you spoke. After that I realized that we were ready to suffer in silence rather than betray each other. I'll stay here again for a long time... Now let's go into the field and give a lesson to these players of Madrid!''

That evening, Ronaldinho played one of the best games at the Bernabeu stadium and scored twice. When he came out, everybody rose to applaud him."

A true genius. If this locker room story has not been confirmed by the Brazilian, his legendary stories keep dropping one by one and make us admire him even more...

Rewatch the standing ovation of Madrid fans for Ronaldinho:

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