Anthony Martial bashed by Ex on snapchat

Maxime H. - vendredi 29 juillet 2016 53 Likes

After losing the number 9 to Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Anthony Martial is now being insulted by his ex-girlfriend...

Anthony Martial must be living a nightmare right now. After his small scandal on social media about his number 9 and his new brand "AM9", the French player had to deal with the insults of his ex, Samantha, who decided to humiliate him on snapchat.

"You're taking his father away from her, you big sl** (You're replacing your daughter with a gold digger). I am furious, yes, he doesn't even bother asking about his own daughter. You will regret doing this Peyton. Sorry I'm doing on Snap but this boy has forgotten my number. In three months, you saw your daughter twice. You say I'm a b*** but you don't even ask about your own daughter. I'll end up asking for child support. Then, at least your daughter will have a high chair instead of eating on the sofa! Taking pictures on a boat while your daughter has nothing. You brought her back from Guadelopue completely dehydrated pretending that she did not want to drink. She's a baby of 13 months you little idiot. While your little b*** is with you drinking all that she wants. I have no more milk in my breast and I have -1,898 dollars of overdraft in my bank account and you're out there pretending to be rich... I'm really disgusted, I can't take this anymore. Furnishing the house and taking care of the food at the same time is simply impossible with the money you give me, it's not enough! Guess you can't really understand that since you've never set foot in a store... Visit your daughter and take her with you from time to time, I beg you, ask about her" she wrote on countless number of snaps.

Obviously, Samantha is not over the soccer player and can't stand his new girlfriend Mélanie Da Cruz, an ex reality TV star...

Don't worry Anthony. Just remember the beautiful times, especially this great Euro 2016 semifinal:

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