Argentina's president begging Messi not to retire

Maxime H. - mardi 28 juin 2016 1.2k Likes

The president of Argentina intervened after Messi's decision to retire from international soccer.

Last monday night, Lionel Messi dropped a bombshell on the world by announcing he was taking his international retirement. A heavy announcement that freaked us out and united all the world in hopes of making La Pulga change his mind. In addition to the campaign launched on social networks via the hashtag #NotevayasLeo ( "Don't go away Leo"), the Argentine president himself intervened.

Messi's decision has become a government matter. The president Mauricio Macri picked up the phone to try to reason the quintuple Golden Ball: "He said he was proud of the team's performance and asked him not to listen to criticism" said a spokesman of the government.

Will this be enough to make La Pulga change his mind?

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