Arsenal to offer $55,2 million + Giroud to afford a top striker

Maxime H. - lundi 18 juillet 2016 53 Likes

Apparently, Arsene Wenger put on the table $55,2 million and Olivier Giroud to be able to get the striker of his dreams.

Since the end of the Thierry Henry era, Arsenal has had difficulties finding a proper striker that's able to replace the French serial scorer. If Robin van Persie was adored by London's fans, it is clear that Olivier Giroud is having trouble convincing them on his side. To solve this problem, Arsene Wenger decided to take things in hand and go after one of the most wanted players of Europe: Gonzalo Higuain.

Announced insistantly on Juventus' side, the Argentinian striker has not yet signed any contracts and is still "on the market". Napoli does not intend on selling his jewel to his direct rival and competitor obviously. Great news for the Gunners, who have, according to radio Kiss Kiss Napoli, offered a check of $55,2 million and included Olivier Giroud in the deal as well. An offer that could easily seduce the president Aurelio De Laurentiis as the striker seems to have the ideal profile for the Serie A, while the money offered could be used for additional shopping.

As for the presenter of that radio, Francesco Marciano, he is categorical: "For now, the rumor linking Higuain to Juve is true, but I am sure that in the end Pipita will leave Napoli to go abroad'' he said, before adding that ''He will definitely join Arsenal. For now the Gunners have offered $55,2 million plus Giroud. Arsenal is trying to free up funds by selling players so they can increase the economic part of the proposal. "

These news should spice up the transfer window over the next few days. So where do you think Higuain will play next season?

Meanwhile, let's take a look at all 36 goals scored by the Argentinian this season in Serie A:

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