Barca might recruit a top player from Manchester

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Desperately searching for a player able to play the role of the lining of MSN, FC Barcelona might have targeted a Manchester United player according to Mundo Deportivo.

Winner of a double Championship cup this season, FC Barcelona intends to continue its glorious days for next years with their eyes focused on the Champions League. To do so Mundo Deportivo announced that the Catalans could be signing a Manchester United player, Juan Mata.

Already expelled from Chelsea by Mourinho, Juan Mata landed in United with perhaps the risks of being expelled as well. Having zero motivation to work again with the Special One, the Spaniard wants to live a new experience so that he could relaunch his career. By the way, the player trained by Real Madrid has not been selected by Del Bosque for the 2016 Euro.

Playing in Barcelona would give the former Valencian another chance to win the Champions League, but not sure he can expect an important playing time. The objective of the Blaugrana is to recruit a player capable of supplying the MSN if something goes wrong. More than ever, Juan Mata has a tough choice to make.

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