Barcelona agree to sell one of their rising stars

Maxime H. - vendredi 22 juillet 2016 52 Likes

Barcelona recently announced the departure of one of their best players on their official website.

It is really difficult to become an undisputed first-team player in a club as powerful as Barcelona even when your talent is undeniable. The Croatian Alen Halilovic who arrived in Barcelona in 2014, just experienced this bitter tasting experience. Compared to Ivan Rakitic, the 20-year-old failed to obtain a secure place in the Catalan team. The club decided to sell their player by keeping a repurchase option.

"FC Barcelona and Hamburg SV signed an agreement for the transfer of the player for $5,5 million. FC Barcelona kept, however, the right to rebuy the player during the first two years his contract for $11 million and a priority position for posssible future transfers of the player" precised the Spanish club on their official website.

Hamburg got a great deal by the way while Barcelona might just have done the same thing Real Madrid did with Álvaro Morata.

Never heard of Halilovic? Here's what the top player is capable of:

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